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I'm Diane Passey, an ICF and CCA certified coach with 7 unique kids and over 25 years of experience teaching, parenting, and mentoring youth.

As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I help teens with the current struggles they are facing and provide them with the essential coping tools they need to becoming the resilient thriving teens they are capable of becoming!

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Join our safe and supportive community where you'll get the perfect level of support you need to face your current and toughest challenges!

Emotional Resiliency

You'll learn the best coping skills, communication tips, and how to build easy habits and decision making skills that you need!

Strengthen Your Relationship With Your Heavenly Father

Learn how to find answers to your questions, find how the Spirit speaks to you personally and how to strengthen your faith. 

My Resilient Teen is Ready to Thrive!

Diane is truly passionate about her work and is always focused on how to better serve her clients. She has a wealth of experience in helping parents and teens manage everyday concerns.


Diane is not just a great listener, she also gives you tools to improve your life situation. I recommend her for kids, teenagers and adults alike. All ages in our family have benefited from her help and advice!


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My life changed during and after working with Diane! I’m really glad that I did these sessions with her because it really helped me overcome my difficult experience of moving. Before I started I was a little skeptical and wasn’t sure that it would help because I’ve been to other things that didn’t. I think the best part about this was that I really felt like I would be okay and that what she was teaching me was realistic so I could apply them to my life. As I worked with Diane, I started to feel better and more confident! I was applying a lot of the tools that she gave me and it helped me little by little to get better and feel happier. I felt like Diane really tried to understand what I was going through so then she could show me methods that would help me. I’m really glad that I worked with her because she really helped me not just overcome, but understand how I felt!



I've been so grateful to have Diane to talk to as I've been going through recent trials. Her knowledge, sincerity, and genuine friendship have helped me gain a better understanding of myself and my emotions. The knowledge she's shared with me has been invaluable as I've been trying to figure out who I want to be and how to be happy with myself in all different circumstances. She has helped me take some real steps towards loving myself and becoming the person that I am striving to be.



Diane is basically the coolest! She just has the most loving and kind personality, and she really makes me feel important as a person. She is a good listener, and offers suggestions and asks questions in a way that allows you to help yourself, rather than her just telling you what to do. 

No matter what my current struggle or issue is, Diane never makes me feel bad, guilty, or ashamed of anything. She is understanding, non- judgemental, and really just an amazing life coach! I have come a long ways in several areas of my life with her help! She is amazing!



My experience with Diane has been beyond helpful! She is amazing at holding me accountable for my goals while holding space and helping me see things from various perspectives when I become hyper critical of myself! She has been adaptive as my needs seem to change on a whim. She rolls with it and gives the most empathetic positive support!!